Welcome to Fort Mcmurray Mandir and Cultural Center

Sanatan Mandir Cultural Society is a registered charitable organization, serving the community of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, Canada.

SMCS (Sanatan Mandir Cultural Society) of Fort McMurray is steadily striving to promote the cultural, social and moral values amongst the community. We continuously carry cultural, social, educational and traditional activities that bring the community together.

Our agenda is to provide right platform to the youth who can contribute and serve as good citizen to this great nation called Canada. Our objective is to empower women, kids and elders so they can bring peace and prosperity to the society.


Sanatan Mandir Cultural Society is serving the community of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, Canada.

This is the largest south Asian Organization in town, farthest from their motherland, just near to the North Pole! Here, the Mother Nature unfolds her scintillating light show (Aurora Borealis) during winter, when the mercury dips down to minus 45 degrees. It was the lifelong ambition of over 900 Sanatani families to build a Mandir and cultural center, for the last four decades. Their dream became true as of May 2021, Hindu Shakti Mandir is now Open.

Sanatan Mandir Cultural Society encourages you to explore Sanatan Dharma through an understanding of the basic tenets and key scriptures.

SMCS welcomes each and every one who likes to be a part of this unique social and cultural group.

SMCS is organizing cultural, social, educational and traditional events at Mandir in town. Please keep looking event tab for up-to-date details.

Our Revenue Canada Registration # 850716606RR0001. Click here for more details.

Mandir Location

Address: 108 Abraham Gate, Fort Mcmurray.
Mandir Opening Hours: MONDAY-SUNDAY

Morning: 10:45 A.M to 11:45 A.M
Evening: 06-45 P.M to 07:45 P.M

Volunteers and Donation

Mandir Basement Construction is in Progress. Mandir Committee need support from Volunteers. As Always, Please Continue Supporting Mandir's Financial need generously.